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Oct 31, 2013 1:05am PDT
and resting steve nash. running the break and behind the back. warriors roll 125-94 and visit the clippers in l.a. tomorrow night. >> the crowd is into it and we have the best chance in the game. you score like that and there is nothing better. >> he was in the zone. the sharks and kings in l.a. and how is this for a start? 13 seconds in and in a flash it is 1-0 team teal. the sharks are up 3-2 and late in the third and the power play with justin williams tieing it. they go to over time and a hooking penalty gives l.a. and a blast ends it 4-3 kings. it is the second overtime loss of the year. abc7 sports brought to you by riverwalk casino. >> good night. good stuff. >>> ripping up carpet masoned you directly to into an easy dinner with crescent dogs. just separate, add hot dogs, cheese, roll 'em up, and bake. lookin' hot, c-dog. pillsbury crescents. make dinner pop. he loves me. he loves me not. he loves me. he loves me not. ♪ he loves me! that's right. [ mom ] warm and flaky in 15, everyone loves pillsbury grands! [ girl ] make dinner pop! wake up weather. you will feel the halloween c
Nov 1, 2013 1:05am PDT
that terrible bad choice. i'm responsible for making it. >>reporter: steve refused to be interviewed for the story. i'm completely clean and sober since january. focus on my so bright and continue okay the path of rebe my life. i made too much progress to bring up the past. she first used meth parking his car. >> was it mostly clear to you that i'm in trouble when the smoke was in your lung. thinks addicting. >> that went a thought in my head i would have stopped. it was, it was i enjoy this i like it. and then. >>reporter: was it powerful attraction to it. >> it was immediate. >>reporter: nadia and bill began living apart and she tried to break up with chick several times but he threatened to expose her secret life and reveal he had a sex tape. >> did you consent to him taking the video. >> no he didn't ask me. god no, did you see the camera. >> no. in fact i would always text his phone a lot to see if he had because he had recorded us before. >>reporter: bill lochier found a copy of the sex video left in the mail box of their hayward home.he pain that he must have felt.
Nov 4, 2013 2:00am PST
attorney general, the state's top cop, bought and gave me drugs years before meeting steve and then called me crazy when i sought help. >> it was more personal stuff, relationship issues. that's why i said some of the statement was true and some wasn't. >> he never bought you drugs? >> no. >> he never gave you drugs? >> no. >> bill lock ear declined oar request, but last year his spokesman told the mercury news that it is completely, totally, utterly false he gave drugs to his wife. thin nadia resigned and the attorney general's office refused to charge chicanni citing insufficient evidence. it didn't help her case she saw chicanni after the alleged assault. >> i believe my credibility was drastically affected by my using. >> nadia says chicanni was taunting her with a sex tape he made and bill saw it after somebody dropped a copy off at their hayward home. and then chicanni is asked where he may sell the sex tapes he made with her and provided two youtube clips putting nadia lock ear trying to get my vote. >> i was in complete shock. i didn't know where to begin to get help. >> in may 201
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3